Marcello y Janine  🇮🇹 &  🇬🇧

As soon as we listened to Karina’s touching voice during her street performances, we knew we wanted her to share her vibes on our Wedding anniversary party . So we organised it through the wedding planner and we couldn’t have made a better choice.
She is such a lovely person to deal with, she was a joy to have as part of our big day. With no planning at all she intuitively played the same song we used while walking down the aisle the day we got married !
Many of our guests expressed their admiration for her talent as a performer and songwriter! We would highly recommend her for any special event.
Thank you Karina


James & Vicky 🇬🇧

We saw Karina performing for the restaurant where we were having dinner and got instantly captured by her amazing voice and her fresh spirit ,so ,we decided we wanted her to be part of our son’s 21 th birthday party . She highly surpassed our expectations and kept us all captivated the entire evening from start to finish . It shows that she enjoys
connecting us all and loves her so called job . It’s been an evening will always remember , thank you Karina.


Jan 🇩🇪 🇮🇩

I was walking along downtown Palma immersed in my duty thoughts and suddenly got captivated by a touching voice so I followed the sound and ordered a coffee at the nearest bar where Karina was busking.
While listening to her performance, I decided she was the perfect one for the surprise I wanted to give a Friend of mine for her birthday dinner! She’s been amazing and súper professional either at her performance and taking care of every detail so the surprise worked it’s purpose . My friends where super happy and thrilled by her intuition for the song choice .
Thank you Karina for such an unforgettable evening!

Gabi 🇮🇹

We were having a cocktail at Campo San Barnaba, Venice, Italy, not far from our Palazzo, when we got stunned by Karina’s busking Tango performance. She took us to her hometown Buenos Aires through her interpretations, so we asked her to perform for us during my mother’s birthday who is a professional pianist and is a huge fan of Tango and Argentinean Culture.
She did a great job and even taught us a couple of Tango dancing steps and encouraged everyone to give a try.
We highly recommend Karina and we miss her and the wonderful atmosphere she created with her music along the streets of Venice.

Jorge & Nicola 🇩🇪

We met Karina while she was busking in Palma and got thrilled and touched by her charismatic and talented
performance. Unfortunately, due to COVID we couldn’t have her for Nicola’ s birthday party that year but, as her memory remained with us, we managed to have her this year!
She did a great Job smoothly breaking the ice so even the shyest one would give a try to dance at the end of the party.
She is very professional and experienced in connecting with audiences of different cultures.
She is always willing to fit the host needs, so she surprised us with a mix of well known German song list for the brakes in between her live sets.
Thank you Karina

Stacy & Lee 🇬🇧

Karina came to Santa Ponca to sing for us at a house gig. She was a surprise present for my husband ‘50 birthday family party .
She kept us entertained not only with her perfect song choice ,but also by sharing her story and amazing experiences along her music tours, in between songs. She made such a difference, by creating an amazing atmosphere with her gathering, joyful and loving spirit. She’s been such an inspiration for us all! My husband was so happy and grateful for such a great and unexpected surprise. Thank you Karina,You’re a beautiful soul and we wish you a life of happiness, I am sure we will meet again ❤️ you remain in our hearts and will certainly recommend you!

John 🇩🇪🇨🇦🇬🇧🇪🇸

Karina performed at our Real Estate company summer event in Santa Ponsa and, captivated all our guests with her wonderful voice and elegant style. She is a very competent musician with a wide repertoire of covers and her own compositions. She interacts very well with the audience whatever age they may be. She made the event a welcoming, enjoyable and relaxed experience.
Thank you Karina


Caroline & Matthias 🇩🇪

Hey Karina, we just want to say thank you again. Thank you for this wonderful feeling, your beautiful voice and for being part of my mothers birthday.
She had no clue that after your busking performance in Palma you would show up at her birthday , and sing specially for her, so the Surprise was a huge success . She was so happy.
I hope you ‘ ve reached home safely and have a good night.