He is far beyond this world
He is here to share it all
He has chosen me for good
He will follow me through dawns,

He can capture every mood
He can speak with out a word
He can wait to have my hug
Or the caress I would hold.

He seduces with his eyes
He is the one who hears it all
He is my one and only star.

He is the happiest one on earth
He always introduces himself
You can see him walking by
With such thrill he almost flies
People can hardly resist
His enchanting ways of being.

He always needs to be touched
He always needs to be feed
And the only thing he asks
Is a warm caress to share

I can see him when he dreams
And I wonder where he could be
He is so smart that you won’t bare

I ‘m so full of happiness
When I see him run freely
When I see him plays with…. the girls he often meets

He ‘s been with me for quite long
So white hair begun to show
I miss him so bad when I’ m not home
And often avoid thinking about
What would I do ,I If he were gone.

He ‘s so tough you wont believe
He ‘s been through 3 surgeries
He’s stuck to life with each and every cell

He is so cute , so friendly

He is my one and only Friend………..
He is my dog , the best of all

He is WOLF , for ever printed in my soul.