Hundreds of looks I’ ve lately met
and each one of them helped me learn
some of them stares suddenly amazed
others just wonder , from where I’m headed.

May be there ‘ve been some I’ ve misinterpreted
but certainly there are the one’ s I will treasure
such as the small kids eyes with whom I ‘ve danced


Lots of them feeds my will to go further and further
some of them also seem to show encouragement in reverse
and there’ ve been a few slightly reflecting their own shame
but to these last ones I choose to turn them into worthless pieces of nourishment….
For its from them from witch I learn to scale another step
For its embracing opposites and fear when you dignify yourself

There’ s nothing I could value more than this chance
of humbly …..switching a gentle and subtle haze of light
to those immerse and sleepy in every day ‘s …meaningless fight

More looks I ‘m about to meet the following days
and don’t know how they might be on the other side of the net
but as always I will go for them intention less
for I’ m well trained on jumping into discovering tests
and I rest peacefully in full awareness
that experiences never ever takes place the same
so I never look for a rehearsed frame
I just open my mind to what might come next
and release time to process each step I gratefully get
for every little thing needs it own space to digest
and there for became part of every bone and flesh
so then it’s from where it would be truly expressed.

Thanks for reading.

Gracias !! Alma poeta